Upload an image to a product with a UI in woocommerce is very easy but in PHP it’s more difficult.

So for the need that i’ve to connect Pimcore to Woocommerce, I must import product catalog into Woocommerce by an interface.

So how to upload the image from an url ?

In first you need to have your product ID or variation id and get it in your code.

If your are not familiar with product and variation, a product is a collection of variation, in other term, a car can be in blue,black or red. The colors are the variations and the product is the car.

For this post, i will use 1234 for my product variation id.

$product = new WC_Product_Variation("1234");

After that you need in first to download your image into your local filesystem

In my example I save the logo of my website as logo.png but you should adapt to the correct mimetype and name of your file.

file_put_contents( "logo.png", file_get_contents("https://micka39.info/logo.png");

Next we will need to create an array with a name (the name of the file) and a tmp_name that correspond to the path of the file previously downloaded.

$file = array();
$file['name'] = 'logo';
$file['tmp_name'] = "logo.png" ;

To finish we will use the media_handle_sideload function to save our file with our product.

After we set the image id returned by the function into the product object and we save the object.

$imageId = media_handle_sideload($file, $product->get_id());
unlink(ABSPATH . "photo_pack.png");

If you want to run this job in a cron for a daily update of your catalog, do not forget to delete the old image with wp_delete_attachment !